Higher Education In Dynamic Asia: Study Reports

Quality education is essential for creating a sustainable human resource base upon which to build a country’s development. Asia is experiencing a growing need for skilled managers and professionals in a variety of fields. Investing in higher education will help developing Asian countries build high-income economies, with the innovation, knowledge, and technology needed to thrive in an interconnected, competitive world.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has accumulated significant experience in providing support for improving education systems in its developing member countries. In response to the growing needs of these countries, ADB is boosting its support for higher education. The changing landscape of higher education requires new thinking and updated practices. Questions central to the issue include: What are the strategic and operational priorities for higher education in the region? How should support be targeted to achieve a high, sustainable impact? How can ADB best assist its developing member countries to substantially raise the quality of and expand access to higher education within a reasonable, yet ambitious, time frame?

To provide insights into the kinds of changes demanded in higher education, ADB financed a major regional study drawing on the views of subject experts, higher education leaders, regional stakeholders, and participants of an international conference on higher education in Asia. The Higher Education in Dynamic Asia Series is the result of this study. They provide valuable input into the process of higher education reform across Asia as well as critical input into ADB‘s work in assisting the region to develop the full potential of its people.