Pacific Studies

The Pacific Studies Series aims to provide the governments of the Asian Development Bank's Pacific developing member countries with analyses of economic and other issues. The studies are also expected to shed light on the problems facing governments and people in the Pacific islands, and to suggest development strategies that combine both political and technical feasibility.

Title Date
Economic Costs of Inadequate Water and Sanitation: South Tarawa, Kiribati April 2014
Moving from Risk to Resilience: Sustainable Urban Development in the Pacific December 2013
Least Developed Sucos: Timor-Leste August 2013
Tonga: Economic Update and Outlook 2012 June 2013
Fiji 2012: Revitalizing the Fiji Economy December 2012
The State of Pacific Towns and Cities: Urbanization in ADB's Pacific Developing Member Countries October 2012
Sustainable Health Care Financing in the Republic of Palau January 2012
Food Security and Climate Change in the Pacific: Rethinking the Options September 2011
Economic Growth to 2030 in Timor-Leste August 2011
The Political Economy of Economic Reform in the Pacific July 2011
Weaving Social Safety Nets December 2010
State Performance and Capacity in the Pacific November 2010
Responding to Climate Change in the Pacific: Moving from Strategy to Action September 2010
Solomon Islands 2010 Economic Report July 2010
Transparency to the People: Using Stakeholder Participation to Support Public Sector Reform in Nauru and the Republic of the Marshall Islands January 2010
Kiribati's Political Economy and Capacity Development December 2009
Kiribati Social and Economic Report 2008: Managing Development Risk December 2009
Taking Control of Oil: Managing Dependence on Petroleum Fuels in the Pacific December 2009
Vanuatu Economic Report 2009: Accelerating Reform December 2009
Mainstreaming Climate Change in ADB Operations: Climate Change Implementation Plan for the Pacific (2009-2015) December 2009