Regional Economic Integration Working Papers

The ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration focuses on topics relating to regional cooperation and integration in the areas of infrastructure and software, trade and investment, money and finance, and regional public goods. The series is a quick-disseminating, informal publication that seeks to provide information, generate discussion, and elicit comments.

Title Date
How Capital Flows Affect Economy-Wide Vulnerability and Inequality: Flow-of-Funds Analysis of Selected Asian Economies July 2014
Has Regional Integration Led to Greater Risk-Sharing in Asia? July 2014
Financial Monitoring in the New ASEAN-5 Countries May 2014
Equity Home Bias, Financial Integration, and Regulatory Reforms: Implications for Emerging Asia May 2014
Study of Non-Notified Trade Agreements to the World Trade Organization: The Case of Asia and the Pacific Region May 2014
The Nexus between Antidumping Petitions and Exports during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence on the People's Republic of China May 2014
Analysis of Informal Obstacles to Cross-Border Economic Activity in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan May 2014
Assessing the Trade Impacts of the ASEAN +6 FTA: The Case of Lao People's Democratic Republic April 2014
Why Do Countries Enter into Preferential Agreements on Trade in Services? Assessing the Potential for Negotiated Regulatory Convergence in Asian Services Markets April 2014
The End of Grand Expectations: Monetary and Financial Integration after the Crisis in Europe April 2014
Capital Market Financing for SMEs: A Growing Need in Emerging Asia January 2014
Can Low Interest Rates be Harmful: An Assessment of the Bank Risk-Taking Channel in Asia January 2014
Terms of Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Development: A Case of Intra-Asian “Kicking Away the Ladder”? January 2014
Explaining Foreign Holdings of Asia’s Debt Securities January 2014
South Caucasus-People’s Republic of China Bilateral Free Trade Agreements: Why It Matters January 2014
FDI Technology Spillovers and Spatial Diffusion in the People’s Republic of China November 2013
The Financial Role of East Asian Economies in Global Imbalances: An Econometric Assessment of Developments after the Global Financial Crisis August 2013
Learning by Exporting: Evidence from India August 2013
The Role of International Trade in Employment Growth in Micro- and Small Enterprises: Evidence from Developing Asia August 2013
Impact of Eurozone Financial Shocks on Southeast Asian Economies August 2013