Social Protection Project Briefs

The Social Protection briefs present case studies of ADB projects geared towards reducing vulnerability and poverty through inclusive economic growth. The series features projects on labor markets, social insurance, and social assistance, covering pension systems, social services delivery, microinsurance, and skills development, among others.

Title Date
Improving Labor Market through Higher Education Reform Project in Mongolia December 2011
Supporting the Development of a Social Protection Framework in Nepal December 2011
Reducing Child Malnutrition through Social Protection in Nepal December 2011
Improving Social Services Delivery in Indonesia October 2011
Developing Microinsurance Project in the Philippines October 2011
Social Protection of the Vulnerable in the Pacific October 2011
Strengthening Gender Impacts of Social Protection in the Philippines October 2011
Strengthening Equitable Provision of Public Employment Services in Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China September 2011
Capacity Development for Rural Pension Administration and Services in the People's Republic of China September 2011
Reducing Persistent Chronic Child Malnutrition in Mongolia September 2011
Expanding Microinsurance Scheme in Mongolia and the People's Republic of China July 2011
Developing Microinsurance Sector in Bangladesh July 2011
Addressing Skill Shortages in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic July 2011
Supporting Georgia's Post-Conflict Social Expenditures July 2011
Reforming the Social Security System in Indonesia April 2011
Protecting the Health Status of the Poor During the Financial Crisis in Mongolia December 2010
Community-Based Early Childhood Care and Development in Viet Nam December 2010
Reforming Asia's Pension Systems December 2010
Strengthening Social Services in Georgia December 2010
Challenges and Opportunities for Social Protection in the Lao People's Democratic Republic December 2010