A Story within a Story: Gender and Water in Uzbekistan

Publication | July 2013

This brochure shows how ADB’s water supply and sanitation projects, narrated by project beneficiaries, are addressing gender issues related to water supply and sanitation.

ADB's water supply and sanitation projects are addressing the gender issues related to water supply and sanitation, mainly by having women participate in project design and monitoring, and by reducing the time women must spend on getting water for their families. The projects have also engaged women in hygiene-awareness and capacity-building programs to enhance the benefits of improved water supplies. These training programs are extending the positive social impact of improved water and sanitation to these women's families and to their communities.


  • The Gender Situation
  • The Water Supply and Sanitation Situation
  • Water, Sanitation, and Gender
  • Sanitary Facilities in Homes, Clinics,and Schools
  • ADB's Achievements