Strengthening the Ombudsman Institution in Asia: Improving Accountability in Public Service Delivery through the Ombudsman

Date: June 2011
Type: Reports
ISBN: 978-92-9092-332-9 (print), 978-92-9092-341-1 (web)
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"...the frameworks outlined in these papers aim to refine our thinking about ombudsmanship by introducing different perspectives and offering further insights into the ombudsman's role and environment."

— Javed Sadiq Malik Former President, Asian Ombudsman Association

Accountability is essential for good governance, and in many Asian countries the ombudsman is the key accountability institution. Originating in the West, the concept of the ombudsman arrived relatively late in Asia. Yet more and more ombudsman offices are being established in Asia, and they play a critical role in the fight against incompetence and injustice on the part of government officials.

This report presents in-depth research on Asian ombudsmen, with a focus on best practices and emerging issues, especially in the context of the new public management, and includes recommendations to policy makers. It will be a valuable resource for scholars, ombudsmen, and anyone else interested in this vital institution.

About the authors

George V. Carmona is a professor at the Philippine Judicial Academy and the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law.

Mohammad Waseem is professor of political science at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

Alex B. Brillantes is a professor and former Dean of the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance.

Ranjani Ranjan Jha is a professor at the Department of Political Science at Banaras Hindu University.

Jose O. Tiu Sonco II is a researcher at the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance.

Carlos Wing-Hung Lo, professor; Honying Li, post-doctoral fellow; Nicole Ning Liu, PhD Candidate; Wai Hang Yee, PhD candidate in place (University of Southern California), all at the Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

André Marin is the Ombudsman of Ontario. Gareth Jones is the director, Special Ombudsman Response Team, Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario.


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Strengthening the Asian Ombudsman Association and the Ombudsman Institutions of Asia
  • Independence of Ombudsmen
  • Ensuring Accountability in Privatized and Decentralized Delivery of Public Services: The Role of the Asian Ombudsman
  • Ombudsman and Stakeholder Engagement for Improved Service Delivery
  • Measuring Ombudsman Performance: Setting Performance Standards and Indicators
  • The Role of the Ombudsman in Improving Public Service Delivery in Pakistan