Thorough Planning of Solar Park Mitigates Risk for Investors, Locals

Publication | February 2013

For 5 years starting in 2004, ADB studied the challenges and opportunities of building the world's largest solar park in Gujarat. The state as a solar hot spot is a region with high "direct normal irradiance levels."

This publication gives an overview of the solar power park, which has provided local employment, empowered communities, and transformed a desert into a tourist attraction.


  • India’s Gujarat State passed a policy promoting the use of solar power to alleviate the escalating pressure to produce thermal energy arising from the country’s growing consumption.
  • The Charanka solar power park, poised to be the world’s largest photovoltaic power station upon its completion in 2014, was constructed using the build-own-operate mode.
  • Reduced and fixed solar power tariffs, favorable policies, capacity development, and education campaign drew the participation and sustained interest of investors, residents, civil society, and other key stakeholders.