Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in Southeast Asia: A Guide to Good Practice

Date: June 2014
Type: Guides
ISBN: 978-92-9254-554-3 (print), 978-92-9254-555-0 (web)
Price: US$31.75 (hard copy)
Author: McIntosh, Arthur C.


The purpose of this book is to provide stakeholders in Southeast Asian urban water supply and sanitation (meaning governments, utilities, consultants, donors, and nongovernment organizations) with a point of reference and some tools to move effectively and efficiently to improve both development and operational performance. The ultimate aim is good quality 24/7 piped water in all homes. It is a contribution toward ADB's overarching goal of poverty reduction.


  • Introduction
  • Water: The Big Picture
  • Water Stories
  • Water Management
  • Water Supply Service Coverage
  • Intermittent Water Supply
  • Nonrevenue Water
  • Tariffs for Autonomy
  • Utility Management Basics
  • Improving Management
  • Success Stories in Management
  • Governance
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Sanitation: An Overview
  • Sanitation Stories
  • Sanitation in Southeast Asia
  • Conclusions
  • Annex
  • References