Viet Nam's Poor Gains from Participatory Agriculture Research and Extension

Publication | April 2014

The rapid growth of Viet Nam's agriculture sector was attributed to market-oriented reforms, liberalized land use rights, increased investments in irrigation, and improved agriculture science and technology (AST).

This document shows how an ADB-supported project on agriculture science and technology engaged poor farmers in Viet Nam to address critical agricultural issues and led to higher productivity and exports.


  • Viet Nam’s agriculture science and technology sector is beset with challenges, from fragmentation to insufficient resources to lack of linkage between research extension and beneficiaries.
  • A bottom-up participatory approach that engages poor farmers, especially from marginalized ethnic communities, promotes learning and stakeholder ownership of the project.
  • By linking training, research, and extension services, the country was able to foster natural resource management that the poor can participate in, with practical and sustainable results.