A Lao PDR village with an ancient connection to the forest learns to preserve rather than destroy

A simple feed innovation for cattle is bringing modest prosperity to rural villages - and women are leading the way.

Aided by investments in skill transfers, irrigation, and road upgrades, villagers in the Lao highlands now have the knowledge to improve their farming and marketing techniques, connecting them to markets as far away as Japan.

Promising but cash-poor agricultural ventures across the Philippines are taking advantage of an ADB project that provides funds for equipment, transport networks, and other facilities, helping poor farmers scale up their incomes.

Villagers in remote districts of Negros Occidental are ending their isolation from economic opportunities with the aid of hydropower.

ADB, FAO, and IFAD jointly convened an Investment Forum on Food Security in Asia and the Pacific on 7-9 July 2010 at ADB's headquarters in Manila. The first of its kind in the region, the Forum showcased Asia and the Pacific region as an attractive hub for increased investments in food security.

Efforts to protect fish stocks are preserving a way of life along Cambodia's Tonle Sap lake and river system.

The PRC government is working to rein in coal consumption and to increase the use of cleaner fuels such as natural gas, which represents about 4% of the country's energy mix.