A project in rural Bangladesh provides farmers with training, data, and price information to help them maximize returns and increase the quality of produce.

Minanto has over 25 years experience in Indonesia's irrigation sector. He started as an Operations and Maintenance specialist working on provincial institutional capacity building, procedures, and integrated O&M approaches to sustain irrigation systems.

A reliable source of irrigated water has helped farmers in Indonesia raise the living standards of their families.

In Indonesia, farm-to-market roads, and irrigation and microfinance projects help 400,000 poor households transcend poverty.

Asia’s older generation still recall barely surviving an epic storm and the famine that followed. The future is looking worrisome again with with stronger and more frequent calamities.

Improved roads in Papua New Guinea provide better access to markets, schools, and hospitals for communities hidden from the world until a few decades ago.

Lighthouses guide big and small ships through Papua New Guinea's uncharted and often unsafe waters, boosting night fishing, trade, and shipping.

Two-dozen shoreline villages in Papua New Guinea take charge of their marine resources, and make some sacrifices to reverse the tide of exploitation.

Household wastewater pollution, over-fishing, and mangrove destruction were pushing the sea's resources to its limits, prompting villagers to adopt environment-friendly practices. This is their story.