Focus Areas

For sustainable food security, value chains for food and agriculture must be strengthened in three areas:

  • Productivity - Increase production and productivity of food commodities in a sustainable way
  • Connectivity - Improve linkages between food producers and consumers
  • Resilience - Enhance the resilience of social and ecological systems against the effects of climate change and food price volatility

Food security as a multi-sector challenge

The food security challenge is a broad concern that needs to be tackled in a multisectoral approach. The table below provides ADB's areas of operation for food security.

  • Water productivity (irrigation, drainage, and water storage)
  • Access to public infrastructure services (rural roads, rural electrification, market infrastructure, and rural town development)
  • Resilience against natural disasters (flood and drought risk management).
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation (biogas and/or rural renewable energy, and natural resource management)
Regional cooperation and/or integration
  • Food and agriculture trade, and food safety and standards
  • Regional emergency food reserve system
  • Cross-border water resources management
  • Regional disaster risk management
  • Access to micro credit and rural finance services
  • Rural enterprise development
  • Resilience against emergencies (risk insurance and safety net)
  • Skills development (vocational training)
  • Small farmers' access to markets (food and agricultural value chain facilitation)
  • Agricultural research and dissemination of innovative knowledge and technology
  • Nutrition status of women, children, and the poor.
Disaster and emergency assistance
  • Early warning and information systems.