Trees Provide Income and Preserve Land in Pakistan

A sustainable livelihood project in Pakistan is boosting poor farmers’ income and protecting their land from erosion. Read More

Organic Crops Help Small Farmers out of Poverty in Lao PDR

With ADB support, organic farming in Lao People's Democratic Republic is helping reduce rural poverty and preserve the environment. Watch Video

Preserving the Rich Marine Biodiversity of Asia’s Coral Triangle

Overfishing, pollution, and poverty are threatening the health of Asia’s Coral Triangle, the world's richest concentration of marine biodiversity. Read More

Two Thai Women and a Passion for Organic Food

The market for organic vegetables in Asia is large and growing fast. In Thailand, ADB is helping farmers organize themselves into producer groups that can meet the region's growing demand for pesticide-free vegetables. Read More

Responding to Asia’s Food Crisis

Two-thirds of the world’s one billion hungry reside in Asia and the Pacific and rising food prices are bringing the specter of food shortages and undernutrition to millions more of the region’s poor.

In response to this regional food crisis, ADB has shifted its strategic focus from agriculture to a comprehensive multi-sector food security engagement with the goal of curbing food insecurity, particularly among the poor and vulnerable.

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Key Statistics

More than 40%
of children in several countries in the region are stunted

112 million
people in the region could have escaped poverty between 2001-2013 had food prices not increased

of the population in Asia and the Pacfic is undernourished (compared with 12.5% globally)