Higher Education

Countries in Asia and the Pacific are realizing that their economies cannot compete in a globalized world without a growing cadre of people with advanced degrees. Read More

The Government of Kiribati, the University of the South Pacific  and ADB participated in a ground-breaking ceremony today to officially mark the first step toward upgrading the USP’s Tarawa Campus, which will boost students’ access to higher education.

Emerging economies can draw on game-changing technology trends and other developments to move faster toward the global knowledge frontier.

This report identifies priorities in TVET and higher education in South Asia on how to meet the emerging needs for skilling a large number of young people to turn them into a productive and competitive force in labor markets.

Asian nations are struggling to create elite universities without leaving behind the millions of their citizens who just need a college education.

Higher education is evolving rapidly in Asia and the Pacific region, as students and teachers learn to deal with issues like quality of instruction, affordability, accessibility, and relevance to the requirements of Asia’s labor market.

This paper reviews the development of regulatory status of services trade in tertiary education services, especially education through overseas campuses, and considers the policy implications critical issues regarding its regulation.

Asia and the Pacific must overcome skills gaps and scale up technical training to create innovative economies able to generate sustainable, inclusive growth, says a new book by ADB.

This brochure is a summary of ADB's Higher Education in Dynamic Asia series which provides an overview of the issues facing higher education across Asia and detailed suggestions for development priorities and possible solutions to the issues.

Live Online Chat - Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific: As Asian Development Bank (ADB) Education Practice Leader, Jouko Sarvi coordinated the Higher Education In Dynamic Asia: Study Reports series. He will be online to discuss the reports and the challenges for developing Asia in the higher education sector.

Asian universities and secondary schools must better align with labor market needs to ensure graduates have the skills and knowledge required by employers, according to a new ADB report, Improving Transitions: From School to University to Workplace.

Rising costs in higher education are outstripping the capacity of students to pay for fees and of states to fund the sector, raising questions about how to make it more inclusive in the future. Here’s a by the number look at some of the issues leading to rising higher education costs in the Asia and the Pacific region.