Sustainable Education Financing in Asia and the Pacific

Sustained investments in education are important for the productivity and resilience of economies. Funding for education is provided not only by the state, but also by households and the private sector. The contribution of different actors is dependent on the country's sector policies. Read More

With focus and creativity the private sector can help bridge the jobs-skills gap for workers across Asia and the Pacific.

Rising costs in higher education are outstripping the capacity of students to pay for fees and of states to fund the sector, raising questions about how to make it more inclusive in the future. Here’s a by the number look at some of the issues leading to rising higher education costs in the Asia and the Pacific region.

This publication makes a strong case for shifting the development agenda from narrow perspective of access to widening participation and for strengthening inclusiveness in Higher Education in Asia.

This publication reviews the key aspects of higher education costs and financing, considering Asia’s framework on inclusive growth from the perspective of disadvantaged students.

This publication provides a timely analysis of policies governing private higher education and presents operational recommendations for development partners in their support to this field in developing countries of Asia and the Pacific.

This publication discusses the issues and strategies for Higher Education in Asia and why there is a need to invest in this subsector.

Research shows that quick revival of social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals can fast-track the return to normalcy, facilitate restoration of economic activities, and increase the resilience to cope with future disasters.

This report provides a review of PPP models supported by ADB-financed education sector projects in the past decade.

This report examines a number of aspects of the Punjab Education Foundation experience with the design and implementation of PPPs in the education sector.

This report provides a quick guide to international and national PPP cases in the health and education delivery sectors sectors as well as practical ideas and suggested models to interested project sponsors, especially within government bodies responsible for sector development.

Bangladesh has high primary school enrollment rates and equally high drop out rates for older students. A revitalization of the country's education system aims to keep students in school.