$100 Million ADB Loan to Promote Human Capital Development in Meghalaya

ADB and India signed a $100 million loan agreement to improve secondary education and vocational skills training programs in Meghalaya. This is ADB’s first loan in India focusing on boosting education and skills. Read More

Higher Education in Asia: Creating Centers of Excellence

Asian nations are struggling to create elite universities without leaving behind the millions of their citizens who just need a college education. Read More

Youth Employment and Skills Development in Asia and the Pacific

The 2013 ADB International Skills Development Forum focuses on youth unemployment and the acute skills-jobs mismatch in many Asia and Pacific nations. Read More

Youth Unemployment and Skills Development in Asia and the Pacific: By the Numbers

Too many youth in Asia and the Pacific are failing to develop the right skills for today's job market. Here's a by-the-numbers look at the status of youth employment and training in Asia and the Pacific. Read More

Education: A right not a Privilege

Most developing countries in Asia and the Pacific have earned high marks for a dramatic rise in primary education enrollment rates in the last three decades, but daunting challenges remain, threatening economic and social growth.

With over $8.2 billion in loans and grants to the education sector over the past forty years ADB has a long track record in assisting its developing member countries (DMCs) achieve the goal of quality education for all.

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Almost 50%
of the region's jobless is composed of young people Source

the potential boost in productivity and economic output if countries provide an additional year of education Source

of global enrollments are in Southeast and East Asia, the largest share in the world Source