The world’s largest solar power park in India’s Gujarat state is a blueprint for how risks associated with large-scale renewable energy projects can be managed with proper planning and coordination.

Energy efficiency refers to approaches or strategies that yield more service value from each primary energy consumed.

The Soviet-era Nurek hydropower plant supplies most of Tajikistan’s electrical power, but its technology is antiquated and the land its switchyard is built on is sinking, requiring an ADB intervention of funds and expertise.

Нурекская гидроэлектростанция (ГЭС), построенная в Советское время, снабжаеет основную часть электроэнергии в Таджикистане, однако, оборудование ГЭС устарело, а земля, на которой построены распределительные устройства, проседает, что потребовало помощи АБР.

Large investments are needed to secure cheap, clean and sustainable energy to power the fast-rising economies of developing Asia, and for the region's poor to access safe, clean and affordable modern energy. Here are 12 things to know about energy investments in the Asia-Pacific region.

In remote Assam State, in northeastern India, irregular and inadequate power supply has held back even low-tech primary industries, such as silk. Finally, that is starting to change.

A hydropower energy project in Central Viet Nam has disrupted the lives of an isolated ethnic minority, but offers better health care and educational opportunities for a bright future.

Though the Song Bung 4 hydropower dam and energy project relocated Co Tu minority in Viet Nam’s central region, it also offered new income opportunities and empowered local women.

The Asia and Pacific region needs an ample supply of clean, affordable energy to continue its rapid growth in the coming decades. To achieve energy security, developing Asia must actively contain its rising demand, aggressively explore new supply sources and technology, and progressively integrate regional energy markets and infrastructure.

Throughout Asia and the Pacific, developing countries are exploring small, innovative energy solutions that could one day redefine the region’s energy equation.