Improving Roads, Power Plants and Electricity Grids in Afghanistan

Japan, the UK, and the US pledge $286 million to an ADB-administered fund dedicated to improving Afghanistan’s roads, power plants, and other key infrastructure. Read More

Bhutan's Hydropower Brings Energy and Development

Hydropower from Bhutan's mountain streams will reap benefits for the local communities, the government and the country's neighbors. Read More

Clean Energy in South Asia: Tapping into Bhutan's Hydropower

Clean, renewable energy from Bhutan's Dagachhu hydropower plant will bring benefits to the local community, neighboring India, and the South Asia region. View Photo Essay

India's Madhya Pradesh to Better Meet Power Needs with $350 Million ADB Loan

ADB's $350 million loan will fund about 1,800 circuit kilometers of transmission lines and more than 3,100 circuit kilometers of distribution lines to bring more power to Madhya Pradesh. Read More

Energy in Asia and the Pacific

Energy demand is projected to almost double in the Asia and Pacific region by 2030. There is an urgent need for innovative ways to generate power in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable manner. Compounding the problem is widespread energy poverty across Asia, with almost a billion people still without access to electricity.

What energy issues and trends have identified as priorities in developing Asia and the Pacific in order to achieve access to clean energy for all?

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Asia's projected share of world energy consumption by 2035, from about a third in 2010 Source

$979 billion
the estimated investment required to achieve universal energy access by 2030 Source

$2.3 billion
ADB's clean energy investments achieved in 2012 Source