Funds and Partnerships

ADB has established trust funds and launched initiatives to support capacity building, institutional development, and project-development activities in the areas of clean energy.

Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF)

The CEFPF comprises a multi-donor Clean Energy Fund (CEF) supported by the governments of Australia, Norway, Spain and Sweden; an individual donor, the Asian Clean Energy Fund (ACEF), supported by the government of Japan; and the newly established Carbon Capture and Storage Fund (CCSF) supported by the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. Overall target: $250 million.

CEFPF promotes energy security and a transition to low-carbon economies through cost-effective investments, especially in technologies that result in greenhouse gas mitigation.

The facility's resources also finance policy and institutional reforms, as well as regulatory frameworks that encourage clean energy development. More

Climate Change Fund (CCF)

The CCF was established in May 2008 to facilitate greater investments in developing member countries (DMCs) to effectively address the causes and consequences of climate change. The CCF is a key mechanism to pool resources within ADB to address climate change through technical assistance (TA) and grant components of investment projects. More

Energy for All Partnership

The Energy for All Partnership is a platform for cooperation, knowledge and technical exchange, to improve access to energy for the poor of Asia and the Pacific. It is focused on action, with a goal to provide access to energy to 100 million people in the region by 2015 through

  • promoting exchange of knowledge, ideas, and information;
  • demonstrating and mainstreaming appropriate financing mechanisms;
  • replicating and scaling up proven approaches;
  • building partnerships to develop, finance, and implement access to energy projects

The Partnership is open to all individuals and organizations that are active in implementation, financing, developing and scaling up access to energy projects in Asia and the Pacific. Expressions of interest to lead working groups are being accepted by the partnership's secretariat. Organizations chosen to lead working groups must demonstrate sufficient capacity (resources, strong link to the organization's mission and activities, leadership ability) to lead the program of activities.

The Energy for All Partnership grew out of ADB’s Energy for All Initiative. ADB has committed to supporting the Partnership and hosting its secretariat for two years. ADB also sits on the Steering Committee of the Partnership, along with other development partners, to provide overall guidance and work to raise the Partnership’s profile. Energy for All website

Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Climate Change (REACH)

ADB's Technical Assistance program on climate change includes capacity-building activities on generic climate change issues and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), with emphasis on clean energy and energy efficiency, carbon sequestration, and adaptation.

In 2001, ADB brought together several trust fund initiatives provided by the governments of Canada, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands to launch its renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change (REACH) program.

See the REACH Annual Reports.