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ADB has been supporting Financial Sector Development of developing member countries in the Asia and Pacific region in many ways. Financial sector operations since 1966 have accounted for about 10% of total ADB operations. In 2013, sovereign lending of $330 million supported development of the general financial market, small and medium enterprise, and payment system. Non-sovereign investments reached $290 million, largely supporting banks and guarantees. Most technical assistance was for preparing lending programs/projects, and implementing policy reforms and building capacity, while the remainder backed efforts by ADB's developing member countries to promote regional economic and financial integration.

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$6.7 trillionEmerging East Asia's local currency market at the end of March 2013, a year-on-year expansion of 12.1%
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$2.59 billionADB's total microfinance approvals as of June 2014
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40% estimated portion of the population in South Asia not served by banks
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