Opportunities in Finance Sector Development

This page provides information about jobs, careers, business opportunities, and consulting in the finance sector.

Procurement Plans

This describes the procurement of projects, programs and consulting services related to ADB’s work in the finance sector. See procurement plans in finance sector development.

Procurement Notices

Announcements and invitations to bid for the provision of specific goods, works and services required by ADB-funded projects and programs, open to businesses in ADB member countries. See all procurement notices.

Consulting Opportunities

Below is a list of the most recent consulting services required for ADB financed or administered projects in finance sector development.

Title Posting Date Closing Date
46300-001Securitization Expert 24 Apr 2015 30 Apr 2015
46300-001Capital Markets Expert 24 Apr 2015 30 Apr 2015
46309-001Empanelment of additional Financial Advisors 22 Apr 2015 06 May 2015
44112-012Risk-based Supervision Specialist 25 Apr 2015 08 May 2015
44318-025Audit Of Annual Project Financial Statements for the FY 2013(Q4) and FY 2014 10 Apr 2015 09 May 2015
45273-002Supporting Brick Sector Development Program 14 Apr 2015 13 May 2015
47373-001Agriculture/Agribusiness Expert 20 Apr 2015 15 May 2015
47373-001Tourism Expert 20 Apr 2015 15 May 2015
47373-001Fisheries Expert 20 Apr 2015 15 May 2015
47373-001Manufacturing Expert 20 Apr 2015 15 May 2015

The list displays the latest notices arranged by deadline.Visit the CSRN portal to view all notices.

Staff Vacancies