Economic Governance and Public Expenditure

Asia and the Pacific is a fast-growing region undergoing rapid economic development, with significant demographic and epidemiological changes and rising health care costs. Financing of health care has become a major policy challenge for many countries in the region. ADB continues to use its resources to help improve economic governance in health service delivery.

ADB's health-related projects focus on:

  • public expenditures rationalization
  • public-private relation for health services delivery,
  • health care financing
  • human resources for health
  • health under decentralization

ADB, as one of the partners of the "Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Network for Asia and the Pacific", works with countries to make expenditure on maternal, newborn and child health larger, more effective, more efficient, more equitable and more sustainable. The investment case provides analysis and insights into the "best buys" for governments and their development partners through improved public expenditure management and resource allocations.
ADB actively engages in analytical and policy work, and policy-based program lending where there is demand in a developing member country and support in its country partnership strategy.