Is Asia Prepared for Ebola?

Countries around Asia and the Pacific were stung by the impacts of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and avian flu. They have been working together for years to prepare for the next outbreak. Read More

Small Bite, Big Threat: Vector-Borne Diseases in Asia

On World Health Day 2014, we focus on vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria that are threatening the lives of millions across Asia and the Pacific. Read the transcript. Read More

Addressing Diseases of Poverty

This publication outlines how the Asia-Pacific region can achieve the goals of control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases and contribute to poverty reduction and development among its most vulnerable populations. Read More

Implementing HIV Prevention in the Context of Road Construction

This case study documents HIV prevention work on the Longbai Expressway in Guangxi, People’s Republic of China, during June 2008-April 2011, supplemented by additional information from the Wukun Expressway in Yunnan Province. Read More

Health in Asia and the Pacific

Health is a human right and is essential to development. Good health improves learning, worker productivity, and income. As such, health contributes to economic growth.

In Asia and Pacific, government spending on public health is low and is often not focused on those who need it most. For many in the region, personal health expenses are a major cause of poverty. The spread of infectious diseases, due in part to the ease of travel across borders, is an added problem.

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percentage of deaths in the Pacific due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease Source

36 million
estimated number of malaria cases in the Asia and Pacific region, causing 49,000 deaths Source

5 million
number of people who live with HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific Source