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  • Op-Ed: Feeding Asia safely

    By 2050 there will be about one billion extra mouths to feed in Asia, as its population soars. But how much will be safe to eat?

  • Op-Ed: Rebooting Asia's health systems

    How do we measure good health care? Historically, we counted the number of hospital beds or measured the distance to a local health clinic. We then added up the numbers and decided where to build a new or larger hospital. This is the wrong approach for Asia and the Pacific, writes ADB Vice-President Bambang Susantono in an oped.

  • Treated Water Bringing Smiles Back to PRC’s Hebei Province

    More than 800,000 residents are benefiting from a project to clean up water, upgrade wastewater and solid waste treatment, and boost district heating in 10 small towns of Hebei Province, PRC.

  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is Testing Asia’s Ability to Address Emerging Diseases

    Not long after people in the Republic of Korea began falling ill from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS CoV), a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare were dispatched to the scene to assess the situation and formulate a strategy.

ADB’s vision for the health sector

ADB launched an Operational Plan for Health 2015-2020 in June 2015. The plan describes how ADB will support developing member countries in achieving universal health coverage. Key priorities are in investing in health infrastructure, health governance and financing - all underpinned by investments in information and communications technology and public-private partnerships.

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Fast Facts

75%percentage of deaths in the Pacific due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease
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36millionestimated number of malaria cases in the Asia and Pacific region, causing 49,000 deaths
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5millionnumber of people who live with HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
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