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  • Urban Health Project Reaches Out to Dhaka’s Poor

    A maternity clinic run under a public-private partnership provides a model for delivering primary health care to the urban poor in Bangladesh.

  • Did You Know? HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

    Nearly 5 million people in Asia and the Pacific are living with HIV/AIDS, growing by the hundreds every day. Can the region halt and reverse its spread by 2015?

  • Is Asia Prepared for Ebola?

    Countries around Asia and the Pacific were stung by the impacts of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and avian flu. They have been working together for years to prepare for the next outbreak.

  • Addressing Diseases of Poverty

    This publication outlines how the Asia-Pacific region can achieve the goals of control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases and contribute to poverty reduction and development among its most vulnerable populations.


Health is a human right and is essential to development. Good health improves learning capacity, worker productivity, and income. ADB is committed to improving health in Asia and the Pacific by supporting better governance and spending, infrastructure development, and regional collaboration to control communicable diseases.

ADB is focusing on its core areas of expertise in order to better support programs directed at improving overall health in Asia and the Pacific. The emphasis will shift from stand-alone projects to improving the health impact of infrastructure operations, economic governance and public expenditure, regional public goods, partnerships, and knowledge management.


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Fast Facts

75%percentage of deaths in the Pacific due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease
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36millionestimated number of malaria cases in the Asia and Pacific region, causing 49,000 deaths
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5millionnumber of people who live with HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
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