Through ICT, farmers and agricultural producers can more easily access relevant and timely information—from the acquisition of quality seeds, credit and insurance, water supply for irrigation, to livestock care and market prices. ADB’s efforts in this area help create and spread agricultural knowledge, disseminate up-to-date technology, facilitate trainings, and connect rural enterprises to markets.

Featured ICT-related Projects in the Agriculture Sector

Title Description
Managing the Water Resources of Boyang Lake ADB has been supporting the PRC government’s efforts in water resources management. This TA will assist Jiangxi government in strengthening water resource management of the Boyang Lake, the largest fresh water lake in the PRC, and to develop its capacity of managing climate change risks to ensure the sustainable management of Boyang Lake. In particular, the project will make use of a geographic information system specialist to ensure proper water resource management.
Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program (Facility) The project is envisioned to contribute towards improving the management of coastal ecosystems and reduce loss of coastal property in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. It will design innovative interventions of sustainable coastal protection and improve shoreline management planning in the above states. In particular, this project will support the development of coastal management information systems within each state executing agency, with linkages to central agencies. These will establish effective mechanisms for sharing information with state and district level coastal agencies and stakeholders.
Strategic Research for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Asia Research is crucial for addressing sustainable food and nutrition security issues. ADB will support this project, which aims to evaluate various novel approaches to tackling these concerns, including the examination of impact pathways and recommending strategic policy actions and innovative measures that are replicable and expandable. It will set up an ICT-based information-sharing system and conduct e-consultations and focus group discussions with farmers' organizations, private sector, and civil society in the region.