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ICT has revolutionized healthcare in many developing countries by more efficiently disseminating public health information and facilitating consultation in health issues. Through telemedicine, patients can avoid long and expensive journeys to seek help by receiving remote consultation, diagnosis, and treatment from specialists in far off hospitals. ICT also means better collaboration and sharing of learning and training among health workers. The use of ICT in administrative systems of health care facilities brings huge gains in efficiency and cost savings. Thousands of lives are already being saved though the monitoring of public health threats using ICT which also allows a faster and more effective response.

Featured ICT-related Projects in the Health Sector
Title Description
Health Human Resources Sector Development Project The Health Human Resources Sector Development Program (HHRSDP) will address key human and financial resource management challenges and constraints in the health sector to improve access and quality of health services across different regions and segments of the population - women, the poor and ethnic minority communities, especially in remote rural provinces. The ICT component of this project will support the attainment of better planning and management of human resources through the establishment of systems for the registration and licensure of health professionals. In particular, an electronic database system will be developed and staff trained.
Evidence-Based Advocacy for Fighting HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific: Regional HIV/AIDS Data Hub The control and prevention of communicable diseases such as HIV and AIDS is a regional public good. This project will help make cost-effective responses to Asia and the Pacific AIDS epidemics based on improved evidence and data for monitoring of HIV AIDS and national and regional responses in the region. In particular, it will develop user-friendly regional data hub on HIV and AIDS providing strategic information in support of well-defined strategies for targeted and cost-effective regional and national interventions.
Second Greater Mekong Subregion Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project The effective prevention and control of the spread of diseases is an important aspect of improving a nation' overall health. This project will help the timely and adequate control of communicable diseases in the GMS by enhancing regional communicable disease control (CDC) systems. This includes the setting up and maintenance of a disease surveillance reporting system.

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