Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Numbers Approval Date
Balochistan Road Network Improvement Project Loan 3134 27 Jun 2014
Jiangxi Fuzhou Urban Integrated Infrastructure Improvement Project
14 May 2014
Implementation of Sustainable Transport in Asia and the Pacific TA 8189 14 May 2014
MFF - Road Network Development Program (formerly Southern Road Corridor Improvement Project) Loan 3116 27 Mar 2014
MFF - Railway Sector Investment Program Loan 3108 6 Feb 2014
Geomapping of ADB's Projects TA 8603 20 Dec 2013
Assessing Trade Facilitation and Transport Logistics Performance in the Pacific TA 8599 19 Dec 2013
Railway Master Plan and Project Preparation TA 8597 18 Dec 2013
Road Improvement and Institutional Development Project TA 8574 16 Dec 2013
Strengthening Sustainable Urban Transport for Ha Noi Metro Line 3 Project TA 8588 16 Dec 2013
Project Name Type of Assistance Posting Date
Railway Master Plan and Project Preparation
18 Dec 2013
Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Project Loan 11 Dec 2013
Preparing the Maubin-Pyapon Road Rehabilitation Project Loan 5 Dec 2013
Secondary Road Improvement Project Loan 5 Sep 2013
Uttar Pradesh Major District Road Investment Program
13 Aug 2013
Provincial Road Improvement Project Loan 18 Jul 2013
GMS Southern Coastal Corridor Project Loan 27 Mar 2013
Regional Logistics Development II Loan 26 Mar 2013
Railway Investment Program TA 25 Mar 2013
Yuxi-Mohan Subregional Railway Link Project Loan 14 Dec 2011

Project records are listed by actual or planned approval date. They contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs) as well as project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other project related information. Information about proposed projects is tentative and indicative (e.g. approval dates).