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Information and communication technology facilitates the efficient delivery of health care services to rural communities.

This tool kit aims to guide policymakers and tax administrators in implementing the Tax Administration Management Information System in their agencies.

This book provides readers with a comprehensive and consistent treatment of policy in the higher education and media services sector across a range of Asian economies little studied in the existing literature.

This brief gives an overview of women’s entrepreneurship in the region, and describes (i) how information and communication technology (ICT) can be used to support business activity and overcome challenges specific to women, (ii) the barriers preventing women from enjoying the full benefits associated with ICT, and (iii) the methodology used for the regional study.

Emerging economies can draw on game-changing technology trends and other developments to move faster toward the global knowledge frontier.

The paper discusses the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for improving governance in the delivery of services to the poor.

This issue shows that information and community technology (ICT)-driven initiatives by civil society now play an increasing role in governance, promoting transparency and accountability that can potentially contribute to the fight against corruption.

Electronic taxpayer services should be developed for facilitating tax administration bodies’ operations including enforcement activities, and for the convenience of taxpayers.

This paper points to the importance of the digital revolution and knowledge economy transformation, and examines why some Asian countries have been more successful than others in developing information technology-business process outsourcing services industries.

This paper examines opportunities and challenges to expand the scale and scope of information technology-business process outsourcing and tourism, and the prospects for Filipino technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial talent, so that they will remain in the Philippines and work here rather than go abroad.