A Vital Sea Link for the Cook Islands

A port upgrade in the Cook Islands is securing the country's food, fuel and other needs with modern facilities that allow access by larger ships. Read More

Aid for Trade in Asia and the Pacific: 12 Things to Know

Aid for Trade helps least developed countries strengthen their capabilities to meet market demand and reduce supply-side constraints such as lack of trade infrastructure. Read More

Aid for Trade: An Investment-Benefit Road Map from South Asia

How to build bridges to export markets so that people in the economic periphery have a better opportunity to take poverty off their own maps. Read More

Asia's Path to Prosperity

Industrialization must be an essential part of the growth formula if Asian countries are to prosper and avoid the 'middle income trap,' says ADB report. Read More

Promoting Regional Trade in Asia and the Pacific

ADB’s overarching goal of poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific is contingent on the growth of small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and regional trade among partners. The key objective is to boost productivity and help create more jobs for 750 million people. Essential to this is expanding and improving trade so the benefits can be shared by all economies in the region.

Free trade agreements

With the continuous proliferation of free trade agreements (FTAs) in the Asia and Pacific region, the ARIC FTA database tracks and provides a comprehensive listing of all bilateral and plurilateral FTAs with at least one Asian country as signatory. It covers all agreements at all stages of development, from those under study or consultation to those in force. View database

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Key Statistics

of the Asian labor force is engaged in the service sector Source

of Asia's total trade comes from intraregional trade accounts, sharply up from 43% in the early 1990s Source

$11.27 billion
turnover of the ADB's Trade Finance Program from January 2009 to September 2012 Source