Community Initiative Helps Filipino Poor Turn Trash into Cash

A multipurpose cooperative is thriving in Manila's impoverished Smokey Mountain area thanks to recycling and other profitable enterprises involving local communities. Read More

Food Stamp Program Focuses Aid on Poorest Families in Mongolia

An ADB-supported program is helping Mongolia identify and assist the poorest people in the country. Read More

Technical Workshop on Updating and Improving the Social Protection Index

This workshop serves as a capacity building and knowledge sharing event aimed at strengthening the technical capacity of ADB’s developing members on monitoring and assessment of social protection programs using the social protection index. Read More

Inequality in the Asia and Pacific region: 12 Things to Know

Despite Asia's remarkable economic progress over the last decades, inequality remains a problem in the region. Read More

Reducing Risks, Increasing Opportunities

Income poverty has fallen in Asia and the Pacific as millions of people have benefited from the extraordinary economic gains of the past two decades but progress has been highly uneven, leaving one in three Asians poor and vulnerable to economic, social and environmental risks.

In 2013, ADB provided $540 million in assistance to help developing member countries (DMCs) increase their health and social protection programs so that those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder could also benefit from the region's growth.

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Facts and Figures

of people in the Asia-Pacific region have no social protection coverage Source

of public spending in developing Asia goes to social protection, as opposed to 20% in advanced economies Source

922.7 million
the projected number of Asia's elderly by mid-21st century Source