Latest Publications

This report provides some examples of good global economic and social practices to reverse unequal labor market outcomes for women and realize their economic potential to the full.

This tool kit aims to assist development practitioners to ensure that gender perspectives are incorporated into development initiatives, and to monitor and evaluate gender equality results.

This note summarizes the complex story of exclusion and the recommendations for action that emerge from the ADB–Australian Aid Forum on Building Resilience to Fragility in Asia and the Pacific in Manila on 6-7 June 2013, the recent literature, and the latest international discussions.

This policy brief examines the subcomponents of social assistance and draws out lessons based on data for 35 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

This policy brief focuses on the policy implications of the dominance of social insurance.

This policy brief shows the modest role of labor market programs in the overall social protection programs in Asia and the Pacific.

How can safety nets better cushion the poor from food crises and economic shocks? In this study, the authors examine safety net programs in four Asian countries to find common design elements for success.

This study evaluates the implementation of electronic payments to pensioners in Tajikistan.

This fragility assessment aims to determine how vulnerable communities in Papua New Guinea can be assisted and empowered to improve their quality of life.

The report shows that while equality of treatment between women and men and food security are mutually supportive, gender equality remains an elusive goal in many parts of Asia and the Pacific.