Investing in the Pacific Transport Sector

Pacific Transport Update 2013: Island countries in the Pacific region need a strong transport sector to support economic growth. Read More

Improving Roads, Power Plants and Electricity Grids in Afghanistan

Japan, the UK, and the US pledge $286 million to an ADB-administered fund dedicated to improving Afghanistan’s roads, power plants, and other key infrastructure. Read More

Transportation in Asia: Keeping the Rio+20 Promise

Multilateral development banks are increasing support for transportation in Asia and the Pacific, as well as in other countries around the world. Read More

Road Repairs in Timor-Leste Boost Commerce with Indonesia

A road upgrade project in Timor-Leste makes 60 kilometers of national roads less vulnerable to floods and landslides and improves ties with Indonesia. Read More

Sustainable Transport for All

Transport is an integral part of most of the activities, goods and services required for supporting and improving people’s lives. ADB assists member countries in developing Asia to building transport infrastructure and services which contribute towards low-carbon, safe, accessible, and affordable transport systems.

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Key Statistics

of developing Asia's poor now live in middle income rather than lower income countries Source

$101 trillion
the investment on transport that Asia and the Pacific must make by 2030 Source

of developing Asia's GDP is lost due to road congestion Source

deaths are caused by diseases due to vehicle-related air pollution yearly Source

projected percentage of global emissions accounted for by the transport sector by 2035, becoming the single largest GHG emitting sector Source