Aviation Safety and Security - ADB's Take

Developing safe air transport systems and airports is a critical task for all nations. The complex work requires that small and developing countries work together to pool their resources and expertise. Read More

Building Rural Roads to Prosperity in India

An ADB-supported project helped improve roads that connect many vulnerable and isolated communities in India. Read More

Building Afghanistan's New Railway as Lifesaving Link

ADB has helped open up Afghanistan to increased trade and commerce through the construction of a new rail system. Read More

Georgia Transport Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map

This working document on Georgia’s transport sector examines the development issues, needs, and strategic assistance priorities of the sector in the country. Read More

Sustainable Transport for All

Transport is an integral part of most of the activities, goods and services required for supporting and improving people’s lives. ADB assists member countries in developing Asia to building transport infrastructure and services which contribute towards low-carbon, safe, accessible, and affordable transport systems.

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Key Statistics

percentage of world carbon dioxide emissions attributable to the transport sector Source

projected percentage of global emissions accounted for by the transport sector by 2035, becoming the single largest GHG emitting sector Source

5% to 10%
direct contribution of the transport sector to most countries' gross domestic product Source

$20 billion
approved financing for transport in the first year of the Rio+20 Commitment Source

$101 trillion
the investment on transport that Asia and the Pacific must make by 2030 Source