Pilot and Demonstration Activities

ADB and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation support piloting innovative sanitation solutions

ADB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have allocated $2 million in ADB's Facility for Pilot and Demonstration Activities to support the pilot testing of innovative ideas on non-networked sanitation and septage management. Funding will come from the $15 million Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund under ADB's Water Financing Partnership Facility. Read more

About Pilot and Demonstration Activities

Water pilot and demonstration activities (PDAs) are small-scale, short-term projects that test and validate innovative approaches, methodologies, and technologies for replication or scaling up. 



Public-Private Partnership: Pilot Development of a Mechanism for Payment for Watershed Services in Chishui Watershed
A Payment for Watershed Services mechanism in Chishui River Basin to address deteriorating ecosystems and improve the livelihood of poor upstream residents will be piloted.

Scoping the Water-Energy-Pollution Nexus in Urumqi and Qingdao for Preparing PRC’s Ministry of Environmental Protection Co-Control Program
The water-energy-pollution nexus in Urumqi and Qingdao cities will be studied to help the Ministry of Environmental Protection to effectively design co-control regulation of water, energy, and air pollution.

Assessing the Feasibility of Nutrient Trading Between Point and Nonpoint Sources in the Lake Chao Basin
The feasibility of an effective point-nonpoint source nutrient trading program will be pilot tested in the Lake Chao Basin.

Pilot Application of ADB Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB Water Projects
The feasibility of the “ADB Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB Water Projects” will be evaluated to ensure effectiveness.


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