Action Research Project to Develop a Sanitation Microfinance Program

This PDA will help develop and pilot test a microfinance scheme for sanitation and hygiene improvement in rural Cambodia.


Cambodia has one of the lowest sanitation coverage in the world, particularly in rural areas. Some 80% of Cambodians still live in the countryside. While there has been some success in raising hygiene or sanitation awareness, and in developing latrine designs and a supply chain to give rural people regardless of income access to toilets, many villagers are still unable or unwilling to buy latrines, often citing lack of funds as the primary reason.

This PDA aims to understand the situation and needs of rural households and to assist the Government in developing a microfinance solution that will enable more rural households in Cambodia to install latrines. Habitat for Humanity-Cambodia will assist the Government to forge possible partnerships with microfinance institutions to lend to households for sanitation improvements.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improve the sanitation condition of the pilot communes around the Tonle Sap Basin through development and credit enhancement of microfinance institutions to increase their capacity to facilitate increased access to sanitation financing for households (savings and/or loan solutions).
  • Help expand the sanitation financing options for households in Cambodia and other countries in the region based on lessons and good practices from the pilot area.

Project Details

Site Phnom Pehn and Angkor Chum, Cambodia
Cost US$50,000
Status Ongoing
Approved January 2011
Completed -
Category Rural Services
ADB officer Anupma Jain
Partner Ministry of Rural Development and Habitat for Humanity-Cambodia

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