Adapting Appropriate Sanitation Solutions to Peri-Urban Areas (A PDA After Care Support)

This follow-up PDA will refine the management, operation and maintenance (O&M) system, and financing mechanisms already set up through the earlier PDA, which identified and selected appropriate domestic and industrial wastewater collection and treatment system and implemented a pilot wastewater treatment plant project.


In April 2008, the NGO EAST Vietnam launched a Pilot and Demonstration Activity on Developing Appropriate Sanitation Solution for Peri-Urban Areas in Viet Nam. It focused on decentralized wastewater treatment models to be replicated in other locations with similar context. It foresaw, among others, the implementation of a pilot treatment system being able to handle domestic wastewater disposed of from around 50 households.

In February 2009, the pilot treatment plant was completed and handed over to the community, in charge of its management, operation and maintenance. EAST Vietnam proposed within the PDA a model for local management and its financing mechanisms. However, these responsibilities are new to the community and they require technical support. Moreover, the system management will need further fine tuning to fit, as closely as possible, the local context and the technical requirements.

The partners of the project are now willing to extend the coverage of the actual pilot treatment plant during the year 2010 under the financing of IMV (Institut des Metiers de la Ville). Considering the first experiences learned from the PDA, the partners will preferably opt for a combined system using existing infrastructures. However, like the actual slope between others households and the DEWATS is too low, a survey must be done to determine an appropriate solution to optimise the DEWATS functioning.

Expected Outcomes

This PDA after care support will enable the adaptation of appropriate technologies as well as the O&M arrangements and financing mechanisms to other peri-urban areas in Viet Nam.

This will ultimately result in faster replication and scaling up of the model in investment projects such supported by ADB and other donors such as in Thanh Hoa City Comprehensive Socio-Economic Development Project and Provincial Hue Water Supply Project.