All PDAs

Pilot and Demonstration Activities (PDAs) are quick-disbursing, small-scale water projects that aim to test or demonstrate innovative water development ideas which can be easily replicated and/or scaled up. A grant of up to $50,000 per project is provided to accepted PDA proposals.

Project Titlesort icon Approval Date Country
Water Management Information Dissemination and Extension for Irrigated Agriculture Nov 2002 Philippines
Validating Community-Based Water Resources Management Approaches for Hill and Mountain Ecosystems Dec 2009 Nepal
Using Compensation Mechanism for Watershed Protection Services in Citarum Nov 2008 Indonesia
Use of Bamboo for Land Stabilization, Soil Erosion Control, Water Catchment Rehabilitation, and Effluent Treatment in Citarum River Basin Mar 2009 Indonesia
Training Program on Water Tariff Reform and Peer-to-Peer Learning Process for Rural Environmental Health and Sanitation Awareness Jan 2011 China, People's Republic of
Technology to Cope with Debris Flows in Mountain Regions Feb 2008 Philippines
Sustainable Water Integrated Management and Governance for Baguio City Jul 2004 Philippines
Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Punjab's Barani Areas Jul 2004 Pakistan
Strengthening the Benefits Sharing Mechanism for People Adversely Affected by Hydropower Generation Projects Dec 2009 Viet Nam
Strengthening Capacity to Enhance Sustainability and Accountability of Irrigation Water Users' Association Nov 2008 Nepal
Stimulating Participatory Process for Water Allocation in Bang Pakong Feb 2009 Thailand
Scoping the Water-Energy-Pollution Nexus in Urumqi and Qingdao for Preparing PRC’s Ministry of Environmental Protection Co-Control Program Jul 2012 China, People's Republic of
School-led Gender Sensitive Water Supply and Sanitation in Kapilvastu Jun 2005 Nepal
River Basin Approach to Integrated Water Resources Management Jun 2007 Cambodia
Reducing Mercury and Heavy Metals Contamination in Meycauayan River Jan 2008 Philippines
Rationalizing Tariff for Private Water Utilities under the National Water Resources Board Jan 2004 Philippines
Public-Private-Partnership: Pilot Development of a Mechanism for Payment for Watershed Services in Chishui River Basin May 2012 China, People's Republic of
Promoting Gender Equality for Poverty Reduction Through Improved Irrigation Management May 2003 Nepal
Production of Water Filter from Coconut and Palm Oil Shells Nov 2007 Thailand
Preparation and Adoption of a Comprehensive Management Framework for the Hunan Flood Management Sector Project Jan 2005 China, People's Republic of
Poverty Impact of Public Irrigation Expenditures May 2002 Viet Nam
Piloting an Adaptive Management Approach to IWRM in Yom River Basin Jan 2008 Thailand
Pilot-test the Preparatory Process of Developing a New Subproject Management Model Apr 2005 Viet Nam
Pilot Implementation of School and Community-Based Information and Education Program for Water and Sanitation in Zhengding County Mar 2009 China, People's Republic of
Pilot Application of ADB Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB Water Projects Jan 2012 China, People's Republic of