Applying Vetiver System for Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control in Citarum

This PDA aims to demonstrate the use of a vetiver system in the Citarum river basin to control water and soil erosion, protect natural resources and introduce sustainable upland farming systems for improved livelihoods and increased incomes.


Vetiver is a perennial clump grass with sterile seeds usually used for soil and water conservation. The grass forms a dense, permanent hedge that prevents soil loss from runoff, thereby improving soil fertility and water quality. Vetiver is now widely used and has proven to be effective, efficient, economical, and sustainable erosion control systems.

This PDA will help introduce the vetiver plants in steep sections of Indonesia’s Citarum River Basin, which are most at risk from soil erosion. It is also tied to ADB’s Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Project currently under preparation. Another PDA is testing bamboo for similar purposes.

Expected Outcome

  • Improved stability of the slopes of the Citarum river basin
  • Pollution prevention in the Citarum River
  • Multiple benefits for stakeholder communities from more stable land and healthier environment