Consolidating Advances in Integrated Water Resources Management in Yom River Basin

This PDA will consolidate advances in river basin management by expanding the network of stakeholders actively engaged in decision making and increasing community involvement in water resources management.

Report Card

Completed in February 2010, this PDA helped

  • Eliminated social conflicts about the large project development between the upper and lower Yom stakeholders through active and continuous dialogue and field visits
  • Established working procedures that narrowed the gap between civil society and line agencies and brought about closer cooperation and contact among agencies in the working group

Read the final report [ PDF ].


In 2008, a PDA tested an adaptive management approach to implementing integrated water resources management (IWRM) in Thailand’s Yom River Basin, one of the 25 IWRM target basins of ADB’s Water Financing Program. The PDA introduced IWRM concepts and approaches to key stakeholders and developed a Yom River Network of national and local government agencies and community organizations. 

This after-care PDA will build upon the work of the 2008 project to consolidate advances in integrated water resources management, and strengthen and expand the Yom River Network. It will also create a Yom River information center for use by agencies and communities.

Expected Outcome

  • Provision of knowledge on IWRM principles to the local government administrations and civil society
  • Creation of opportunities for the basin and sub-basin committees and stakeholders to formulate short term plans based on adaptive management approach and begin to develop an overall basin plan
  • Consolidation of working procedures for all concerned agencies to support the local development initiatives with technical and financial assistance
  • Further development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation processes to measure the performance of the basin organization, provincial, and local administration
  • Formation of a strong network of sub-districts located on the Yom river banks with a practical data base to manage flooding and water quality problems
  • Creation of a public information center as a base for the shared database on the Yom River basin