Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facility for the Lilo-an Public Market

This PDA helped construct a decentralized wastewater treatment facility at the Lilo-an public market and established a cooperative to operate and maintain the facility.

Report Card

This project was completed on 30 January 2009, with the following accomplishments:

  • Constructed a Water Treatment Facility that can treat about 60m³ of wastewater a day
  • Installed new toilets at the public market
  • Developed the capacity of the Lilo-an Community Multi Purpose Cooperative to operate and maintain the facility
  • Reduced the coliform cell counts along the Lilo-an coastline

Read the final report. [ PDF ]


Lilo-an is a small municipality on the east coast of Cebu Island whose coastal waters registered high coliform cell counts. Lilo-an's once sublime beaches used to be highly popular destinations of weekend visitors from nearby Cebu City, until the coastal waters turned dangerously dirty. The number of visitors dropped dramatically and the tourism industry faced a serious customer decrease.

Lilo-an public market was considered to be the largest source of coastal water pollution. The public market's septic tank became insufficient in managing wastewater, which was discharged straight into the sea. This PDA helped build a new wastewater treatment facility for Lilo-an.

Expected Outcome

  • Construction of a pilot wastewater treatment facility in the public market
  • Demonstration of effectiveness of low-cost, decentralized wastewater treatment facilities
  • Demonstration of successful O&M of wastewater treatment facility by the cooperative
  • Enhanced public awareness on water quality and wastewater treatment technologies
  • Increased public participation in wastewater treatment
  • Increased people's willingness to pay for sanitation
  • Revival of local tourism