Demonstrating Information, Education, and Communication Campaign Using Community-Based and Multimedia Strategies for the Rehabilitation of Pasig River and Its Waterways

Community-based and multimedia strategies will be used for an information campaign to support the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and its tributaries.


This PDA seeks to demonstrate how community-based and multimedia strategies could be used for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign to support the rehabilitation of the heavily polluted Pasig River and its waterways. Specifically, this PDA will support the implementation of the Pasig River Catchment Sewerage Project by:

  • Educating and encouraging people on proper wastewater disposal and management, including the related solid waste segregation and other waste management practices by localizing and popularizing the Clean Water Act of 2004 (Republic Act 9275) and the related Ecological Solid waste Management Act of 2000 (Republic Act 9003)
  • Increasing the level of awareness of the people on the existing state of the Pasig River through project interstitials, a daily one-minuter episode about the Pasig River aired in ABS-CBN News Channel
  • Educating and convincing the decision-makers such as local government officials on the urgency of addressing sewerage
  • Encouraging people in residential and industrial areas to connect to Pasig River Catchment Sewerage Project
  • Persuading residents to desludge septic tanks regularly

Expected Outcomes

  • Story Book for Children
  • Household Magazine for Adults
  • 48 One-minute Interstitials