Designing a Catchment Management Plan for Lake Kutubu

This PDA assisted government and local stakeholders in designing a Catchment Management Plan for Lake Kutubu.

Report Card

This PDA was completed in December 2008.

Through stakeholder consultations, the creation of the Lake Kutubu Catchment Management Forum, and other activities, this PDA helped develop the Lake Kutubu Catchment Management Plan, which would bring integrated catchment management in the river basin.

The Catchment Management Plan should have statutory status and serve as guide for all responsible Lake Kutubu stakeholders.

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Lake Kutubu, the largest upland lake in Papua New Guinea, is expected to be greatly affected by upcoming industrial developments. These include a US$3.5 billion gas pipeline from the Southern Highlands to Queensland and a road from the Highlands to the coast passing nearby Lake Kutubu, which will become the fastest route for moving people and goods. Commercial development and in-migration following this road will dramatically alter the Lake Kutubu and Kikori River region.

This PDA helped prepare biological and socio-economic information on the Lake Kutubu catchment to be used in developing an Integrated Catchment Management Plan. It also strengthened the capacity of institutions at the national and local levels to manage the catchment.

Expected Outcome

  • Biological vision and target setting for completed
  • Community vision for catchment management
  • Lake Kutubu catchment forum to represent stakeholder interests and mobilize action
  • Comprehensive Catchment Management Plan completed