Developing Appropriate Sanitation Solutions for Peri-Urban Areas

This PDA identified and selected appropriate domestic and industrial wastewater collection and treatment system and implemented a pilot wastewater treatment plant project.

Report card

Completed in February 2009, this PDA

  • Studied domestic and industrial wastewater management needs in Kieu Ky
  • Determined that a decentralized wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS), combining a Baffled Anaerobic Septic Tank and Anaerobic Filters (BASTAF) and Constructed Wetlands (CW), as one of the preferred sanitation solutions for Kieu Ky
  • Constructed a pilot plant to test the DEWATS technology

Read the Final Report. [ PDF ]


Kieu Ky, a peri-urban commune of over 10,000 people, relies on private wells for water. People's main livelihoods are agriculture and crafts, such as gold beating, cardboard recycling, and bags, plastics, and metals manufacturing.

Like other craft communes, Kieu Ky faces severe pollution problems due to inadequate sanitation and wastewater disposal from both domestic and craft making activities. Households' onsite sanitation needs to be improved and upscaled, while wastewater disposal practices and their impacts on the environment and public health need to be studied. Industrial wastewater from craft activities is often discharged untreated into irrigation canals and paddy fields. Furthermore, untreated industrial wastewater is threatening the quality of underground water resources.

This PDA developed a sanitation model in Kieu Ky for possible replication in other peri-urban areas in Viet Nam and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Expected Outcomes

  • A shortlist of appropriate sanitation and wastewater technologies for both domestic and industrial wastewater disposal
  • Market researches and Information and Education Campaign activities to prepare the community for a water and sanitation program
  • Trainings and workshops to increase knowledge, capacity, and skills of local sanitation and technology researchers and experts
  • Pilot package wastewater treatment plant