Development of Pro-Poor Rural Water Actions in Collaboration with an NGO — World Vision

This PDA established a partnership with World Vision, an NGO that develops pro-poor rural water interventions to ensure better access to water for health and livelihoods.

Report Card

Completed in April 2005, this PDA

  • Demonstrated the use of the participatory approach and participatory rural appraisal, which are relatively new methodologies in Viet Nam
  • Encouraged farmers, rural women, youth, and other underrepresented groups to
    • join local workshops and training, and
    • plan future projects together with local and provincial commune and party leaders, and with government officials
  • Published a "Manual for Participation in Irrigation Development in Viet Nam," featuring methodologies, procedures and other relevant materials, in both English and Vietnamese


In March 2003, Viet Nam and ADB signed a Letter of Intent to implement the Rural Water and Poverty Initiative—now called the Water for the Poor—Partnerships for Action. In May of the same year, ADB held follow-up discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi-based representatives of international NGOs, and bilateral and multilateral donor agencies on modalities to catalyze the partnership.

Based on these discussions, the Partnership will be implemented at the central and regional levels—especially for the Central Region, through ADB projects, including the Central Region Water Resources Sector Project (CRWRSP), that aim to improve water resources infrastructure in six provinces.

Expected Outcome

  • active participation of an NGO in the overall design of the CRWRSP
  • inclusion of pro-poor rural water interventions in the CRWRSP
  • Government endorsement for pro-poor rural water intervention in the CRWRSP
  • Government endorsement of NGO involvement in the implementation of the CRWRSP demonstrated by earmarking funds for NGO involvement/participation