Enhancing Irrigated Agricultural Productivity through Multifunctional Water Users’ Associations and Its Dissemination: PDA After-Care

This after-care PDA will document the evolution of multifunctional WUAs after rehabilitation works and evaluate the factors, environment, and prerequisites for the evolution of multifunctional WUAs through case studies of different agro-ecological zones of Nepal.


A PDA completed in 2010 helped evaluate the potential for and merit of building multifunctional water users associations (WUAs) in Nepal’s irrigation systems. It enumerated the factors promoting, supporting, and/or constraining the processes towards evolution of multifunctional WUAs.

The key conclusion of the study has been the need to recognize WUAs as important institutional entities in rural development. This will need the creation of a desirable environment and support instruments that would foster the evolution of multifunctional WUAs to manage Nepal’s irrigation systems.

The PDA is important for achieving the outcome of the Community Managed Irrigated Agriculture Sector Project (CMIASP) in Nepal, which aims to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability of farmer-managed irrigation systems by providing improved measures for irrigation infrastructure, agricultural development, and livelihood enhancement. 

This follow-up or after-care PDA builds upon the efforts and achievements of the former PDA and aims to make pragmatic contributions towards institutionalizing multifunctional WUAs. It involves these follow-up activities:

  • Documenting processes and areas for development of multifunctional WUAs
  • Assisting staff and consultants in promoting / developing multifunctional WUAs
  • Training WUAs by organizing workshops

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced engagement of WUAs in managing the irrigation, agricultural and livelihood enhancement activities in CMIASP subprojects, eventually leading to evolution of multifunctional WUAs
  • Enhanced agricultural productivity and sustainability of farmer-managed irrigation systems