Establishing Local Partnership for Managing Water and Sanitation Services in Secondary Towns

This PDA will set up Town Water Councils through which beneficiaries can influence decisions concerning water supply and sanitation services.


The business practices of water supply and sanitation (WSS) utilities in Azerbaijan hardly ever involved consumers in decision-making or management. Involving consumers in WSS services design and management is necessary because

  • it makes services and service providers more responsive and accountable to consumers
  • cost recovery and sustainability of services improve when technology choices and services correspond with what consumers want and are willing to pay for
  • management of services is more effective when institutional arrangements are tailored to local practices.

This PDA aims to support the institutional reform of WSS services by establishing town water council (TWC) in two secondary towns of Akhdas and Gochay. The TWCs are envisioned to:

  • play a role in project implementation and management
  • mobilize community contributions for any extra requirements of the community, e.g. improvement of town sewerage system, parks, irrigation, etc
  • coordinate community representations to the future water regulator and the tariff council
  • represent community's consumer protection rights with the rayon Icjra Hakimiyat and other agencies
  • coordinate and cooperate with community participation and community awareness programs carried out by the Joint Stock Company (JSC) (water utility).

Expected Outcome

  • A replicable and self-sustaining model of community empowerment to influence decision-making and management of the WSS
  • Enhance community's capacity to engage in public

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