Pilot Application of ADB Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB Water Projects

The PDA will run a pilot application of the “ADB Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Water Safety Plans in ADB Water Projects” and evaluate its feasibility to ensure that the guidance note effectively delivers its objectives. The pilot shall also provide inputs for any required revisions to the guidance note to maximize the value addition of water safety planning to ADB water projects.


Water Safety Plans (WSP) present a shift in the way water supply systems are managed. They allow water suppliers to deliver more consistent water quality and safety through quality surveillance and assurance systems and avoid the limitations associated with relying on end-product testing as a means of water safety control. Embedded within the WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines, the WSPs concept is the central element of a “Framework for Drinking-water Safety” which discusses the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders. WSP is considered the most effective means to ensure the consistent supply of safe drinking-water.

ADB has prepared a guidance note to mainstream WSPs in ADB water projects. This PDA will run a pilot application of the guidance note parallel to the Chongqing Urban and Rural Infrastructure Development Project II.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased capacity of utility for implementing water safety planning
  • Lessons learned from the pilot exercise documented and incorporated into the guidance note
  • Guidance note refined for replication in other ADB projects