Strengthening Capacity to Enhance Sustainability and Accountability of Irrigation Water Users' Association

This PDA will help the National Federation of Irrigation Water User Association, Nepal prepare its member Water Users Associations in managing the country's irrigation system.

Report Card

Completed in December 2009, this PDA:

  • Developed capacity of members of NFIWUAN on program planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Provided training on management capacity development of 10 district federations of Irrigation Water User Association (WUA)
  • Formed 5 district federations and establish 20 district federation offices with office facilities
  • Strengthened NFIWUAN for preparation of vision and medium-term development plan and provided support to NFIWUAN for its annual report, newsletter, policy advocacy seminar, general assembly election and office management


The National Federation of Irrigation Water Users' Association, Nepal (NFIWUAN), formed in 1998, promotes participatory irrigation development, water user empowerment, and partnership among the agencies involved in irrigation development. From an initial membership of 13 water users associations (WUAs) from 8 districts, NFIWUAN has grown into its current membership of 2,139 WUAs from 68 districts.

The Government's 2003 Irrigation Policy anticipates sustainable management of irrigation systems through the involvement of WUAs and NFIWUAN. Consequently, NFIWUAN has begun getting more involved in nationwide projects to improve farmer-managed irrigation schemes and forging partnerships with the Government and civil society. Unfortunately, there has been little effort to improve the capacity of NFIWUAN, which should enhance its ability to be an effective partner and player in these projects. This PDA will demonstrate the value of federating WUAs and establishing permanent capacities within such federations to support local WUAs.

Expected Outcome

  • 25 trained members of NFIWUAN and district federation on program planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • 50 trained members of NFIWUAN and district federation on training management skill and knowledge
  • 5 newly formed district federation in eastern region; 20 district federation having office support in place
  • National assembly election and new executives of NFIWUAN
  • 4 issues of Newsletter published
  • One policy advocacy seminar on farmer-managed irrigation systems implementation
  • New vision and mid-term development plan of NFIWUAN
  • Process document of capacity strengthening approach of NFIWUAN and toolkit development for WUA strengthening