Sustainable Water Integrated Management and Governance for Baguio City

This PDA helped strengthen the Baguio City government's mechanism for integrating efforts in coordinating and managing water resources and related water operations in the city.

Report Card

Completed in August 2005, this PDA

  • Assisted in the formation and design of a multi-sectoral, multi-functional, and multi-lateral City Water Governance Committee for better and sustainable water governance in Baguio City
  • Encouraged the participation of local governments and national agencies in a seminar to disseminate lessons learned from Baguio City's experience

A comprehensive manual and guide of the SWIM methodology was completed and disseminated.

Read the Sustainable Water Integrated Management Background and Update. [ PDF ]


Every summer, tourists flock by the thousands to the mountain resort of Baguio City in Northern Philippines, adding to the city's problem of short freshwater supply. The city faces problems with unaccounted for water aggravated by the growth of small-scale water suppliers and settlements along watershed areas and presence of minerals that affect water quality.

Baguio City’s local governments still lack the ability to ensure efficient and sustained delivery of basic water services. This PDA hopes to enable Baguio city to shift from fragmented to integrated local water agenda and action, to be catalyzed by an integrated management scheme at the local government level. Specific targets for capacity-building are the city planning and development office as a coordinating and management office of the city government, and the public utilities sector office that manages the water treatment facility.

Expected Outcome

  • An institutional mechanism at work in implementing the activities set out in this proposal
  • A water information tracking system based at the city planning and development office
  • Better coordination among sectors involved in water management
  • Increased number of partners
  • Increased awareness among actors involved leading to improved water accountability and stakeholdership
  • A Medium-Term Development and Investment Plan Adopted by the City Council