Use of Bamboo for Land Stabilization, Soil Erosion Control, Water Catchment Rehabilitation, and Effluent Treatment in Citarum River Basin

This PDA will demonstrate the use of the bamboo plant in addressing massive soil erosion and water catchment degradation in the Citarum river basin and assess its potential for effluent cleaning.


The annual erosion in the Citarum river basin's watershed areas has reached alarming rates, threatening the lives and livelihoods of people dependent upon the Citarum River basin. Efforts in reducing erosion rate, preventing landslides, and preserving the watersheds are needed.

This PDA will test the feasibility of using the bamboo plant in land stabilization, water catchment rehabilitation, water spring recovery, and effluent treatment in the Citarum River basin. It is also expected to complement another PDA that is currently testing vetiver plants for similar purposes.

Expected Outcome

  • Plan and design of a zoning system for soil erosion control and land stabilization in Citarum river basin
  • Long-term Community Action Plan for tackling soil erosion and watershed degradation
  • Establishment of pilot bamboo planting projects and nurseries
  • Formation of a community group responsible for monitoring and evaluating the bamboo's impacts on land stabilization and/or erosion reduction and water spring recovery
  • Improved community competence and skills in bamboo cultivation and in training other community stakeholder groups