Latest Publications

The report presents case studies of solutions for sanitation management from different countries.

This tool kit aims to assist development practitioners to ensure that gender perspectives are incorporated into development initiatives, and to monitor and evaluate gender equality results.

In this issue: Drinking Water in Nakhchivan: Past, Present, Future; Clean Water, Good Health; Better Water Supply, Better for Women; Nakhchivan Goes Green; AZRM News Brief; Spotlight.

This publication explores the potential costs for coastal adaptation from 2010 until 2050 in East Asia due to climate-induced sea-level rise and possibly more intense tropical cyclones.

This issue of Development Asia discusses the post-2015 development agenda and its implications for Asia and the Pacific.

A contemporary holistic approach, applying scientific assessments that take people, land, and water into account, to tackling floods in Pakistan's Indus river basin.

Water must be recognized as an economic as well as a social good, as water security is crucial to the future of people, communities and nations across Asia and the Pacific region.

This brochure provides an overview of ADB's water bonds issued in 2012.

Private sector participation has the potential to enhance the performance of India's irrigation and drainage sector, raising productivity and efficiency levels as well as economic returns.

This brochure shows how ADB’s water supply and sanitation projects, narrated by project beneficiaries, are addressing gender issues related to water supply and sanitation.