Complaints Receiving Officer

The Complaints Receiving Officer is the single point of entry for complaints. The Complaints Receiving Officer serves as the first contact for project-affected people.

The Complaints Receiving Officer reports to the Special Project Facilitator and the Compliance Review Panel chair and is tasked to:

  • Receive all complaints from people seeking access to the Accountability Mechanism and promptly acknowledge them;
  • Provide information to facilitate complainants’ informed decision in choosing problem solving or compliance review;
  • Forward complaints to the Office of the Special Project Facilitator or Compliance Review Panel based on the choice of complainants; or forward complaints that are beyond the scope of the Accountability Mechanism e.g. procurement, corruption issues;
  • Copy the relevant parties (e.g. the Office of the Special Project Facilitator, Compliance Review Panel, and operations department) if complaints are not forwarded to them, stressing the importance of maintaining confidentiality of complainants’ identities when required;
  • Register complaints; and
  • Inform complainants who to contact after registering complaints.

Who can file a complaint?

  • Any group of two or more who are directly, materially, and adversely affected;
  • A local representative of affected people ;
  • In exceptional cases, a nonlocal representative of such affected persons, where local representation cannot be found and the Special Project Facilitator or Compliance Review Panel agrees.

If a complaint is made through a representative, it must clearly identify the project-affected people on whose behalf the complaint is made and provide evidence of the authority to represent such people.


The working language of the Accountability Mechanism is English. Complaints will be accepted in any of the official or national languages of ADB’s developing members if the complainant is unable to provide an English translation. This will, however, entail additional time for translation.


The identity of the complainant will be kept confidential if requested, but anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Take note: Filing of a complaint does not suspend or otherwise affect the formulation, processing or implementation of the project unless agreed to by the borrowing country concerned or the private project sponsor and by the ADB.

Complaints will also be accepted by any ADB office such as a resident mission, regional office orrepresentative office, which will forward them unopened to the Complaints Receiving Officer.